How to Join

Take the first step in becoming a Freemason. California Masonic membership is open to men age 18 or older who meet the qualifications and standards of character and intention, and who believe in a Supreme Being. Men of all ethnic and religious backgrounds are welcome.

One of Masonry’s customs is not to solicit members; men must seek membership on their own through a Mason they know or a local lodge.

Applications may be requested from either a Mason you know or from the lodge you are interested in joining. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us. If you leave a message, someone will contact you regarding membership.

Applicants must have been a California resident for the immediate 12 months preceding the date of the application. Exception is made for applicants who are members (or whose spouse is a member) of any uniformed service of the United States who has resided for at least six months at a duty station in California or has been on to a vessel with a home port in California. This exception also includes those who have received an honorable discharge or separation in the six months immediately preceding the date of the application. Additionally, the applicant must have been a California resident during the 24 months prior to the date of most recent induction or a California resident on the date of the application.

How your application is considered by the lodge

At the next monthly lodge business meeting after the application is submitted, the information provided on the first page is read and a decision is made to accept or reject the application. If accepted, the background check is conducted and the lodge schedules separate meetings with three members in order to get to know you better. These meetings usually take place in your home so that your family can be included. During these meetings, you will discuss why you want to become a Mason as well as your personal history and interests. This will also be an opportunity to obtain answers to any questions you or your family may have about the fraternity.

Soon after these meetings, a report is made to the lodge and the application is put to a vote. In order to be elected a candidate for the degrees, the applicant must receive an affirmative vote from every member present at that meeting. You will be notified of the result and, if accepted, you will receive further information.

Completion of the applicant investigation reports and scheduling a vote at the lodge typically takes two to four months.

Freemasonry is not about how of good a man you are… It’s about how good of a man you want to be.

– Brother Robert Herd